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Hot Styles of Destination Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a destination wedding, there are many great invitation styles available. Destination wedding, whether they are in a tropical location, a foreign country, or even Las Vegas can be really special, and although fewer friends and family members may be able to attend due to the travelling involved, you should still send invitations to everyone you want to attend. A destination wedding invitation can perfectly compliment your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.

Many weddings are held in tropical location or at the beach. Beach weddings are fun and natural, so look for a destination wedding invitation that matches. For example, an Enchanting Sands wedding invitation or a Shells of Love wedding invitation informs your guests right away that you are getting married on the beach. Perhaps you love the sun and water but not the sand. If you are getting married on a boat, choose an invitation, like the Ocean Liner wedding invitation that matches your big day.

A beach wedding provides an excellent theme for your wedding invitations and this location is a fun place to host a wedding. That said, it is not very specific, since there are hundreds of beaches around the world. You can find wedding invitations instead that showcase the country or city you are visiting for your wedding. For example, a Bamboo Breeze wedding invitation is reminiscent of Asia. By alluding to your location with the design, you are also setting the stage of your destination-wedding announcement.

You can also choose to theme your destination wedding invitations around the weather you should be experiencing at your wedding. Not all wedding destinations are warm and sunny! You might love the idea of a Winter Wonderland wedding invitation for a wedding that is taking place in a beautiful icy location like Aspen. On the other hand, if your wedding is in a warm location, you can choose an invitation with a sunny design. It is up to you and your preferences!

Of course, you can get even more specific if you want and show off the exact city of your wedding with the design of your wedding invitation. Las Vegas is the most well known destination wedding location and if you are getting married in this city, you can choose a fun Vegas-themed destination wedding invitation design.

It is also popular to not be too overt with your destination wedding invitation design. Although some people like to be clear that they are getting married in the mountains or by the shore, you can also choose to pick a more traditional style of wedding invitation. Staying true to the mood of your wedding is important, but your wedding invitation does not have to be covered with seashells to give off a vibe that is casual, flowing, and fresh. You can search for a traditional-style wedding invitation instead.

Sometimes, colors work best. Are you getting married outside in a beautiful garden? Choosing bright greens and whites can make for a nice design. Are you having a wedding in the fall forests in a mountain setting? The burnt orange, brown, and gold colors of fall are perfect for your destination invitation.

Keep in mind that you may want to send two invitations in case you decide to have a small ceremony for those who could not travel at the time of the wedding. This can allow you to celebrate with friends and family members who could not afford the trip, had scheduling conflicts, or were not healthy enough to travel. So, when ordering your destination wedding invitations, keep in mind that you may be sending two invitations in the same envelope. You can also choose to send the invitations separately, but they should relate to one another to avoid too much confusion.

Not every couple is lucky enough to have a destination wedding. While most would agree that a beautiful paradise destination would be a nice backdrop for one of the most important days of their lives, at the same time, it is also important that all of their loved ones be present at the ceremony, which is not always possible with a destination wedding. If you do choose to have your ceremony away from home, however, consider the hot new trend of destination wedding invitations. They can help to announce you wedding plans to your guests in a fun, beautiful way.

A destination wedding can take place anywhere and your wedding invitations should reflect this location. Colors are an important aspect of the destination wedding invitation. You should choose colors that reflect the area such as light blue for a beach wedding. Another option is to include a picture of the location, as this can help prepare your guests for what they should expect upon arriving at the destination. Whichever invitations you eventually decide on for your wedding, be sure to allow your guests enough time to plan the trip.

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