Bank offers loan without intermediaries.

Credit agencies do not necessarily enjoy the best reputation after much media criticism. The idea of ​​excluding intermediaries from personal loan applications is not reprehensible. In addition, the loan without intermediaries and without Credit Bureau could even be a real fee-saving model, right?

Our credit advisor with a focus on credit brokerage offers you serious insights into the brokerage business. Our goal is to make your credit wish come true without unnecessarily spending money or taking risks.

Loan without intermediaries – regular credit

Loan without intermediaries - regular credit

With regular financing requests, the loan without intermediaries is the normal case. From the house bank to the online loan, credit institutions advertise for credit customers. The good creditworthiness of regular credit customers ensures a simple credit procedure. The application is made directly on site or via a free credit comparison. There is no need for intermediaries for regular consumer credit.

But, in reality, intermediaries earn their money seriously with regular credit requests. Your customers know the offers from the Internet and also the offers from the house bank. The loan through the intermediary can save additional money on real estate loans or renovation loans. For special loans with good credit ratings, reputable credit brokers know financing that is actually worth the placement fee.

Caution is advised – loan brokerage with poor creditworthiness

Caution is advised - loan brokerage with poor creditworthiness

The credit brokerage industry is extremely critical when it comes to credit offers without Credit Bureau or despite a negative Credit Bureau. A 2012 Credit Bureau study also shows the high risk of misuse in credit agencies with poor credit ratings.

According to the study, 80 percent of all intermediaries work with dubious methods. A lack of seriousness starts with credit advertising. Foreign bank credit without Credit Bureau is advertised in connection with practically every credit requirement. In fact, it is a small loan, the majority of which can only be approved by a few applicants. The amount is limited to 3,500 USD, except for applicants with extremely high incomes and long-term employment contracts.

The offer is by no means flexible. Every detail is predetermined up to the term. A loan without a credit check is also not offered from abroad, as some advertisements claim. The personal creditworthiness is even checked in detail using receipts and information. Only the Credit Bureau is excluded. Nevertheless, many do not have the name of the bank to apply for a loan without intermediaries and without Credit Bureau directly.

Which bank grants the loan to Germans without Credit Bureau?

Which bank grants the loan to Germans without Schufa?

Many intermediaries make a big secret to the lenders behind the loan without Credit Bureau. Swiss credit is mentioned in advertising, others speak of credit from Liechtenstein or remain completely covered. As far as all of our research shows, there is exactly one credit bank that can offer Germans a Credit Bureau-free loan.

The name of the bank that issues the loan without Credit Bureau is Cream Bank. The credit institution is based in Liechtenstein. For the loan without Credit Bureau and without intermediaries, the bank provides all the necessary application forms on its website. Fear about the seriousness of the offer is not necessary. The bank is under the control of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA).

The bank was also examined in the media. However, the direct application does not fulfill the dream of saving fees on loans without intermediaries. The bank pays the intermediary for the serious credit brokerage without Credit Bureau through intermediaries.

Agents who want to collect double the money work dubious. If no intermediary is entered in the application, the bank saves the agency fee. The loan costs the same as with intermediaries.

Personal loan without intermediaries – a good idea?

Personal loan without intermediaries - a good idea?

Individuals do not need a license to grant a loan, nor do they need to be sure of lending securely. Under these conditions, there is of course nothing in the way of the basic idea of ​​obtaining a personal loan from a private person without an intermediary. Only whether the attempt at credit outside the circle of friends can be safe and successful can be highly doubted.

Various sites offer their services to find the loan without a private intermediary. A few USD have to be paid, then the search query is online. Nobody controls anyone who reports on it. If you take a closer look at the market, this is not necessary. Lending money to strangers online without checking their identity, Credit Bureau or score, serious investors do not take the risk.

For the borrower, too, the risk of obtaining a loan without intermediaries from outside investors would be gigantic. It is not for nothing that money laundering is omnipresent in news programs. Nothing is safer for money laundering than borrowing dirty money anonymously when it is paid back in clean installments through straw men. If the authorities find what they are looking for, ignorance does not protect them from prosecution.

Our recommendation for personal loans:

We do not recommend borrowers and investors to take the risk of a loan without intermediaries from private to private. Serious lending must remain transparent. The services of Good Finance or Best Lender serve security for both parties.

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