Caila Quinn marries after several wedding delays


After COVID-19 twice delayed her wedding ceremony, Caila Quinn finally tied the knot with her husband, Nick Burrello, in Sarasota, Florida.

After COVID-19 Concerns Delayed Their Wedding Ceremony Twice The single person Former Caila Quinn and intention Nick Burrello finally exchanged vows on May 30 in scenic Sarasota, Florida. The couple, who dated for two years, got married at the Ringling Museum of Art.

Single fans will recall that Caila is a season 20 series veteran. She dated Ben Higgins and ended the show as her third place pick. She later appeared in season three of Baccalaureate in paradise, but exit the show before it reaches the end. During her free time from reality TV, she met Nick. Caila and Nick had originally planned a destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy, but announced a change of plans in November 2020. The couple were then due to organize the wedding in Ohio, but that plan was also rejected.

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Caila explained to Us weekly why she and her husband ultimately chose Sarasota as their wedding destination. “We have decided to move our wedding to Sarasota, Florida. This is where we got engaged. It’s romantic, but it has an international vibe. We wanted to feel like we were at a destination wedding. We booked the Ringling Museum which was built in the early 1920s and it was built by Italian masons and designers so it feels like you’ve been transported.

The reception of the wedding in Sarasota was ultimately very happy for the couple. It was in the city that Nick asked Caila for his hand in marriage in January 2020 while they were visiting her grandparents. Caila recalled Nick’s proposal this weekend. The couple planned to spend the weekend with each group of parents, after Nick, a businessman, rented an Airbnb for the two families, as well as himself and Caila. After spending time with Caila’s grandparents, Nick said he wanted only the two to have dinner. They then went to another town in Florida, a two-hour drive away.

Nick has planned a romantic sunset dinner on the beach during their impending night at a Ritz Carlton. “As we start to step onto the table at sunset, by the beach, there was an acoustic guitar playing this beautiful romantic song, ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, and I start to cry,” Caila said. “And that was just a special night where we had dinner by the ocean and we kind of talked about our relationship, our lives together. It was just the two of us. Then at the end of dinner, he asked me to dance slowly and I said “OK.” So we started to dance slowly and I swing in his arms, then he kneels down and he asks me. Caila said she was doubly surprised after accepting her marriage proposal when both parents appeared, ready to celebrate.

Caila, a lifestyle blogger who lives in New York City, met Nick through another blogger and The single person alum, Olivia Caridi, who introduced the two and set them up for their first date. Potential applicants should keep this in mind. Sometimes you keep going The single person meet your husband after your passage in the series is over.

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Source: Us Weekly

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