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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – The unofficial start of summer is upon us and thousands of visitors are expected to pack their bags on the Strip this Memorial Day weekend, and cost-conscious consumers can take advantage of stylish pricing Vintage Las Vegas if they know where to look.

It was what Las Vegas was built on: providing the average Joe with a memorable experience at great perceived value.

Decades ago, the Marriage Bureau helped run Las Vegas marriage announcements in local newspapers from coast to coast. A huge marketing tool to get more visitors to get married in Sin City.

Clark County is the wedding capital of the world, although the trend has slowed down in recent years.

In an average year, 40 million visitors come to Las Vegas for fun and people can still find vintage Vegas deals if they know where to look.

According to, there are 10 deals that are at the top of their list.

  1. Ellis Island Casino: $ 7.99 24/7 Full Steak Dinner
  2. South Point: $ 9.95 Buffet Breakfast with Players Club Card
  3. Stage Door Casino and Lounge: bottled beer or hot dog for $ 1 and bottled beer for $ 3
  4. Arizona Charlies Decatur: Steak and Eggs at $ 5.99 with Players Club Card
  5. South Point: $ 1.25 hot dogs in the basket in the bookmaker
  6. Ellis Island Casino: $ 16.99 / $ 26.99 on prime rib
  7. Skyline Casino: $ 1.50 shrimp cocktail
  8. OYO Casino: $ 1 blackjack game
  9. Jake’s Bar: $ 2 menu
  10. Four Queens: $ 49 and above room rates

“What we can see is happening, the casinos are back and they are getting so much customer attention, customers are coming back like everyone thought they would but more,” said Anthony Curtis from

Curtis says the high demand means mega-resorts don’t have to be so generous to attract customers to properties in the form of deals and offers.

“People come to Las Vegas and play games designed against them, so they want a little something in return, they want a comp here and there, they want club points, they want a restaurant deal, they want a buffet, ”Curtis added.

Curtis says trends such as the reintroduction of paid parking, resort fees and discounts on alcoholic beverages while gambling runs counter to Vegas’ traditional vintage value model.

“These are the things that turn people off, they perceive it as a scam, and to a large extent, they’re just trying to lower the cost to the customer,” Curtis said.

However, Las Vegas remains excellent value for money.

“I think Las Vegas is the best destination on the planet for doing business, I really do,” Curtis said. “Even now, at a time when things are tighter than they have been for awhile, you can still find deals galore, you need to know where to look.”

There are other websites and video blogs dedicated to finding the best deals in Las Vegas, such as Pennys4Vegas.

“Most people just call me pennies,” Pennys4Vegas’s Mark Anderson said on YouTube.

“My niche is 100% doing Vegas on the cheap,” he added.

Anderson says he usually makes four of the five trips to Las Vegas a year.

He began to document his stays and impressed people with his ability to “reduce” his experience.

“When I go to Vegas, I’m going to do it in a low-key way. I’m going to take $ 100 a day, I’m just showing people how you can do Vegas on a budget in 2021, ”Anderson said.

Anderson tweeted a “cheap plug” which he said features some of the best deals right now in Las Vegas.

“I still think there are tons and tons of values ​​in Las Vegas, you just have to dig and dig for those values ​​online,” Anderson added.

Anderson says cost-conscious consumers can search coupon books, publications, or use casino and resort apps to earn free or discounted rooms.

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