From the pandemic to the various shortages


HIGH EARTH, Ind. (WTHI) – After having had to take a year-long hiatus, many great events are returning for this year.

These events kept local event planner Jeff Winchester busy. Winchester is the owner of Simple to Elegant in Terre Haute. He said he was busy planning events, but his industry now faces more obstacles.

The many shortages due to COVID-19 have affected the wedding and event planning industry in one way or another.

Winchester said most of its supplies came from overseas and struggled to get to the United States. Many of these countries face the same problems as America. They have shipping delays and a shortage of workers to help make and move these products.

“The most important thing is to put items back in stock when they run out,” Winchester said. “It’s like predicting the future. You don’t know until you place this order.”

Because of these delays, Winchester advises its customers to give it and other suppliers time to fulfill their orders. This means that instead of giving two weeks notice, the customer is giving three to four weeks notice.

While Winchester wants to keep his customers happy, he also wants to keep them safe. Throughout its event planning during the pandemic, Winchester has developed several tips to protect large events from COVID-19.

He said his biggest advice is to eliminate touching as much as possible. For example, instead of having a buffet line, he suggests having a meal served to the guests.

He also recommends that hosts make hand sanitizer and masks available to guests. Winchester said hosts should keep the safety of their guests in mind when planning any event during this time.

“You have to do whatever you can do, thinking of the guests, for everyone’s safety. If they want to wear a mask, let them wear a mask. If they don’t want to wear a mask, then c ‘is their decision. ”

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