Grey’s Anatomy finale explained: Who broke up, got engaged, and married?


Two weddings and no funerals marked the final episode of Season 17’s Grey’s Anatomy. The finale was emotional, as three couples experienced major turning points in their relationship. But who got married, who got engaged and who broke up? Major spoilers follow for the Grey’s Anatomy finale!

In the unrelated news, Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) made a successful return to surgery after battling COVID-19 all season, then experiencing lingering symptoms on her first trip to the operating room. But she continued to fight for her patient, another COVID survivor named Gerlie, eventually performing a double lung transplant. For her efforts, she received a round of applause from the hospital staff.

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 finale picked up steam from August 2020 through April 2021, so much of the series has caught up to the present day.

Here’s a look at what happened in the finale, “Someone Saved My Life”.

Grey’s Anatomy finale: who got married?

Grey's Anatomy Finale: Maggie and Winston

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In August 2020, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Winston (Anthony Hill) are having an intimate little wedding in Meredith’s garden. But wait, because Maggie’s dad and Winston’s grandmother are against it! Not because they don’t think the couple is going together, but because they should be having a real big wedding with all of their family and friends in attendance.

Maggie and Winston are a little stunned by the objection at first, but soon realize the merits of what their loved ones are saying. Maggie drinks a glass of champagne and the children of Mer go with pleasure for the cake.

Fast forward to April 2021, when Maggie and Winston have their second real wedding on the beach. And it’s as big and beautiful as their loved ones can wish. We have already seen hospital staff get vaccinated and the event is taking place outside, so the risk of COVID is very low.

Maggie walks up the aisle on her father’s arm, while her biological father Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) officiates. The couple take their vows and jump over a broom, a black wedding tradition.

Then everyone is dancing!

Grey’s Anatomy finale: who got engaged?

Grey's Anatomy Finale: Teddy and Owen

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On Christmas Day 2020, Meredith enjoys opening presents with her children, sisters and friends. Link (Chris Carmack) considers proposing to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), but his big moment is cut short when everyone notices it’s snowing outside … but just in the garden.

Turns out Owen (Kevin McKidd) set up a snow machine for Teddy (Kim Raver), whose love of snow is well established. Then he kneels down – with Link sighing “Come on, man” in frustration – and asks Teddy to marry him. She said yes in tears. After all of their ups and downs over the years, they could finally be happy forever.

Grey’s Anatomy finale: who broke up?

Grey's Anatomy Finale: Amelia and Link

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Over the months, Amelia is torn apart by her future with baby daddy Link. She confesses to her addiction group that she doesn’t think she ever wants to get married or have another child with him.

Meanwhile, Link plans to propose, buy four different rings, and show them off to Jo’s best friend (Camilla Luddington). His first opportunity is foiled by Owen’s Christmas proposition. Thus, he takes advantage of the romantic setting of Maggie’s wedding to realize his second chance.

He also enlists Meredith’s children to help him. When Amelia meets them on the beach, he and the three children all hold out one of the rings – she gets to choose her favorite. He kneels down and asks Amelia to marry him. But the look on his face is an answer, that’s enough. It’s a no.

Grey’s Anatomy finale: what else is going on?

Grey's Anatomy Finale: Bailey and Meredith

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A lot of things happen in the finale, besides the drama of the couple. Jo decides to do everything to get custody of baby Luna. First, she begs Link for help – he can serve as a front and be Luna’s official foster parent, while Jo takes care of her. Then, she realizes that she is rich, thanks to the fact that Alex left her his shares in the hospital. She ends up selling them to Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) and hires a good duty lawyer.

Jo later uses the rest of the money to buy Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) apartment and move in with Luna. When Amelia refuses Link, he heads there, looking for a place to sleep.

The big medical case from the final revolves around Gerlie, an assisted-living nurse who is recovering from COVID-19 but has persistent problems with her lungs. Meredith wants to do a double lung transplant, but Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has doubts. She thinks Mer should focus on her new role as a student teacher. But Meredith insists she was made to “change things.”

However, Mer’s first surgery on Gerlie leaves her dizzy and weak. She too is still feeling the aftermath of COVID. But several months later, on Maggie’s wedding day, Mer is informed that Gerlie is compatible with a pair of lungs. She and Teddy rush to the hospital, where they perform the operation.

Meredith wraps it up feeling perfectly fine and walks out of the operating room to thunderous applause, led by Bailey. Meredith Gray is back.

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