Raimonds along Hay Street moves to Rokeby Road after 25 years in business


Hay Street mainstay Raimond Castellano says Subiaco, like his fashion business, is growing and set to return as a vibrant shopping and dining center.

Mr Castellano, pictured, has supported the besieged suburb for the long haul, with its search for larger premises for its upscale boutique resulting in a change just five minutes around the corner.

The new Rokeby Road store is due to open this week and Mr Castellano said it was the lure of a larger workshop and not just the issues associated with the closure of Hay Street this year that had resulted in its more big change in 25 years.

“It helped the move, but only in a very limited way,” said Castellano.

“Parking and accessibility was an issue for our customers, but luckily, as a destination store, customers were happy to get around this issue and the impact was minimal. “

Raimonds started out as the official men’s clothing store on Hay Street in 1995, but it was a smart move a few years later that shaped the store that many know today.

“I added womenswear to the store and then realized there was a huge demand for gorgeous dresses in Perth, so I became my main business,” he said.

“Now our business is growing and we have been looking for a bigger retail space for some time.

“We are looking to expand into the bride, especially for bridesmaids and mother of the bride or groom, as well as to offer more cocktail dresses.

“Since we’ve always been in Subiaco, it made sense to stay in the suburbs.

Like its store, the suburb of Subiaco has undergone many changes over the past quarter century.

Burgess Rawson manager Luke Randazzo described current commercial rental prices along Rokeby Road as relatively comparable to Oxford Street in Leederville and the Albany Highway strip of Victoria Park.

He said that Bob Hawke College, Princess Margaret Hospital and Blackburne’s One Subiaco apartment towers were pillars that would spur Subiaco’s rebirth and become a top choice for lifestyle, business and people. amenities.

“They will all lead to a very common outcome that will ensure the sustainability of Subiaco and that is the injection of people into the suburbs,” Mr. Randazzo said.

“Whether it’s the more than 200 residents of the Blackburne Building or the families who drop out of school and organize activities in the suburbs due to their children’s attendance at Bob Hawke College, the suburb will be in the right place. to deal with residents, businesses and long-term entertainment.

One Subiaco is currently under construction at the old Subiaco market site, a few doors down from the new Raimonds lease.

“The development of the Subiaco market is exciting, and we look forward to the vitality and atmosphere this will bring to the suburb when completed,” said Mr. Castellano.

“I think Subiaco is on the way to becoming a truly vibrant shopping and dining destination again.

“We can’t wait for this to happen and hopefully it will bring more brick and mortar businesses to the suburbs.”

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