Recap: The wedding bells are ringing in season 2 of “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”, episode 10 “Gulf Fritillary Butterfly”


Here are the brides! Yes, season 2 of this wacky but endearing show ends with a teenage marriage that is as ridiculous as it is sweet. Matilda and Drea are ready to start their life together. Nicholas has just been diagnosed with autism and Alex just wants to make amends. And Geneviève can’t believe this is actually happening. So raise your glasses and join me in toasting both seasons of this wonderful show, and #Dratilda!

Spoilers ahead for the Everything will be alright Season 2 finale. You’ve been warned.

Nervousness before marriage

Matilda walks around the house breaking her super shiny heels as Nicholas video chats with her mother. Alex comes to arrange things before the wedding, because despite their breakup, Mathilde insists that he be part of the upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Geneviève is in her room for a video call with Barb. She says she is having a hard time writing this speech Matilda asked her to write because she doesn’t really agree with marriage and therefore doesn’t know how to write a loving and encouraging farewell speech .

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Alex comes, and it’s clumsy. He got himself a nose ring and clearly wants to make things better but doesn’t know how. He asks how Nicholas is doing, and Nicholas plays the question because he clearly doesn’t want to talk to Alex about his recent diagnosis. Alex says he’s partied, which Nicholas seems to interpret as Alex struggling with the breakup, and that seems to comfort him. Matilda enters and confidently asks if Nicholas has shared his big news. Nicholas quickly becomes uncomfortable and tries to change the subject, but Mathilde won’t change her mind. She says he has to be proud and share it, even though he says he wants to be “proud in private”. But she won’t let him, so he finally tells Alex that he’s been diagnosed with autism. Alex wants to talk more about it, but Nicholas walks away very quickly, saying that being autistic means he allows him to suddenly change the subject and not talk about it and that he will see Alex at the wedding.

Mathilde is in her wedding dress! It’s a beautiful dress and Mathilde is in full glamor. She hurries to put on more and more makeup while Geneviève looks more and more uncomfortable. Finally, she breaks up and is finally honest with Mathilde – that she still thinks that she is too young to get married and that this marriage should not take place… because Mathilde is literally in her wedding dress. Nicholas arrives to find this bomb dropped and, as usual, is confused and doesn’t know what to do. Suze calls for the first time to ask where the Moss family are because they are not there yet, and Nicholas assures her that they are on their way.

Nicholas says Genevieve must be helpful right now, not upset Matilda. Matilda says all websites have warned her about jealous bridesmaids, which Genevieve laughs at because of course that’s the only reason Matilda might think why she wouldn’t be happy with the wedding. Genevieve argues that, “It doesn’t help if you help hurt. It doesn’t help if you help them by pushing them up the stairs. Nicholas asks what about love and if Genevieve wants them to be in love, to which Genevieve asks if this is what love looks like for Nicholas. Finally, Nicholas confronts Genevieve and tells her that they are past the point of ending the marriage and need to move on to treatment. Suze calls again and Nicholas, again, quickly assures her that everything is fine and that they are on their way before hanging up. Suze asks Drea if there is anything she can give him, to which Drea, also in a beautiful dress, says quietly: “A woman”.

Genevieve puts makeup on Nicholas thanks to an unfortunate lip plumping disaster, and Matilda explains that she is going through with the marriage so she can move out and be less of a burden on Genevieve and Nicholas. They both repeatedly assure her that she isn’t a burden and that shouldn’t be the reason they are getting married. Suze calls again and Drea is clearly on the verge of collapsing as she swings back and forth and fidgets in distress. Nicholas promises her five more minutes, then says the only question Matilda needs to know the answer to is if she’s in love with Drea. Mathilde gets up with a smile and says yes confidently. Geneviève agrees to go but still refuses to be happy for Matilda or to agree with what is going on, or Nicholas’ choice to support her.

EVERYTHING WILL BE CORRECT – “Gulf Fritillary Butterfly” – Matilda is so highlighted! Geneviève reads a speech. Alex wants to talk, again. Nicolas is cool. The season two finale of “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” airs Thursday, June 3 at 10 p.m. ET / PT on Freeform. (Freeform / Liliane Lathan) LILLIAN CARRIER, KAYLA CROMER

Wishes, rings and opera

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Jérémy officiates the ceremony! (After not seeing it all season, it was a nice surprise.) It’s in a local park by a lake and the area has been decorated with beautiful floral streamers. He calls Geneviève to deliver her speech before they exchange their vows, and Geneviève reluctantly stands up. She takes out a notebook and begins to read gently the speech which has been written for her by Mathilde. It begins with a greeting to the guests, then continues with praise for Mathilde, and she could not be less enthusiastic reading these words which are not hers. But then it takes a turn, as she puts it, “I know we all think of her as a role model, but not many people realize that the greatest role model in her life is actually me.” She goes on to share that she is the person Matilda wishes she could be. That she is the funniest, most loving sister who has sacrificed so much and although it is difficult, she is thrilled that Drea is filling the role now. At the end of the speech, Geneviève’s heart softened and she even shed a tear.

Drea turns to the crowd and tells them because everyone has been so involved in their relationship, sometimes uncomfortably, that they are going to take their vows in private. Drea lifts Mathilde’s veil on both of them, and two opera singers start singing behind them so that no one can hear them. The camera cuts between the crowd listening to the singers and Drea and Matilda, so we’ll never know exactly what their wishes were. Drea tells Matilda that it would have been easier to hide in her cocoon than to risk being with Matilda, but that Matilda is the best person she knows. She is his Muk Muk, and now his wife, and she couldn’t be happier. After another cut, Matilda tells Drea that they have found each other and that they deserve each other. They are mad with love. Toby mentions the rings, which they exchange, and Jeremy declares them wife and wife. The two kiss and the marriage ends.

Drea and Matilda take wedding photos by the water’s edge as different pairs chat – Toby and Jeremy, Genevieve and Barb, and Nicholas and Suze. Finally Alex comes to talk to Nicholas. Alex apologizes for ditching him and says he’s happy to see Nicholas working on himself. He means this as a compliment, but it is not taken as such. Nicholas tells him he’s not working on anything. Alex tries to clarify himself, saying he meant he was glad Nicholas was trying to improve himself, but it’s even worse. Nicholas asks if Alex knows there is no cure for autism, to which Alex of course replies that he does. Nicholas tells him he’s not going to change, and that’s always going to be. He says he gave her the best of himself, but Alex didn’t like it. Alex is confused and tells Nicholas he’s trying to make them fall in love again, but Nicholas doesn’t. He tells Alex that maybe it would be better if they found other people – someone who didn’t want Nicholas to change and someone Alex didn’t want to change. Alex tries to say more but before he can, the photographer calls Nicholas for wedding photos, and Nicholas is more than happy to run away.

The two families start taking pictures, before Matilda notices that Alex hasn’t come. Just as Alex predicted a few episodes earlier, Matilda asks him to join the photos. He tries to refuse, but Mathilde literally yells at him, so he walks over and fakes a smile as best he can. They all raise their hands and applaud – as wacky as it is, it’s a truly emotional moment.

As the episode draws to a close, the Moss house is calm. Mathilde has moved and the common areas are still there. Nicholas and Geneviève brush their teeth, not knowing what to say or do next. Nicholas asks if she wants to struggle, of all things. Geneviève simply replies: “Not now”, and they both smile.

And this is the end of the second season! There is no news yet as to whether Everything will be alright was picked up for a third, but I’m definitely having my fingers crossed. This show sets the bar incredibly high for what LGBTQ + and autistic portrayal can look like, and I don’t think that’s the end of telling the stories it wants to tell. Stay tuned here at Nerds and Beyond for coverage of the future. EGBO news, and stream both seasons now on Hulu.

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