“Succession” family tree: a guide to the Roy dynasty


Filial piety is an entirely lost concept for Logan Roy’s four children. But with a father like that, who can really blame them? The billionaire patriarch at the center of HBO’s cult hit Succession reigns over his clan as he does over his colossal media and entertainment empire, with an iron first. Here’s a man who enjoys manipulating sibling rivalry into a bloody sport, pitting child against child while dangling the prospect of a successor (and his approval) to one most willing to sink into the depths of depravity to please. to Dad.

Of course, if it were otherwise – and if there weren’t all the possible real-life inspirations for the Roy family –Succession wouldn’t be so dark and so delicious. Now that searing satire is finally back for Season 3, which debuted last week, our Sunday evenings can once again be spent listening to what a new hell awaits for Logan and co. as his “number one boy” Kendall tries yet another blow, one that just might tear this family apart for good (not to mention the very societal implosion that fattens Roy’s coffers).

But first, who exactly are all the members of the Roy dynasty? From ex-wives to estranged brothers, a brief introduction below on the relationships that bind this pathologically dysfunctional offspring.

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Logan roy


The ruthless puppeteer of the Roy family has humble origins. Born in Dundee, Scotland, and raised in poverty by a widowed mother, Logan (Brian Cox) ultimately created Waystar Royco, which he transformed into a multi-billion dollar media and entertainment conglomerate that includes a network news, a film studio, a chain of amusement parks and a cruise division whose explosive #MeToo scandal poses a serious existential threat to its CEO and chairman.

Marcia Roy


Marcia (Hiam Abbass), Logan’s third wife, has often clashed with her children (she has her own son, Amir, from her first marriage to a Lebanese businessman), who see her as a researcher of selfish gold with a mysterious and hard-to-unearth the backstory. Throughout Season 2, her marriage to Logan grew increasingly rocky, and seemed to have broken down completely after her affair with PGM CEO Rhea Jarrell. She was away from the yacht at the end of Season 2.

Caroline collingwood


If Logan is a terrible parent, Lady Caroline Collingwood (Harriet Walter), mother of Kendall, Roman and Shiv, can be even worse. Sarcastic, passive-aggressive and unfiltered, the British aristocrat cares very little about politeness or his children. At Shiv’s wedding in Season 1, for example, she went to ask the guests how long they thought the union would last. The following season, when Kendall tries to open up to his mother about this fatal accident, she cuts him off and leaves before he can talk about it again.

Connor roy


While Logan’s firstborn, Connor (Alan Ruck) was never interested in succession dramas and family business estate battles, he was on the lookout for something meaningful to do with his life. other than living on his ranch in New Mexico with his escort-now-girlfriend Willa. Then he found a project: to run for president on an anti-tax platform. At the end of last season, his father forces him to give up this delusional dream in exchange for a few million dollars to fund Willa’s critically-criticized play.

Kendall roy


It was after Logan reneged on his promise to hand over the reins of Waystar Royco to Kendall (Jeremy Strong) in the pilot episode that kicked off all the events of the series. Now her “number one boy” is trying No. 2 to dethrone his father after refusing to take responsibility for the company’s latest cruise division scandal. It remains to be seen whether Kendall is acting in Waystar’s best interests, or out of genuine concern, or just to get revenge on her father.

Rava roy


It was mainly Kendall’s drug addiction issues (and also possibly her family being crazy) that doomed her marriage to Rava (Natalie Gold), who is also the mother of their young children, son Iverson, and daughter Sophie. The two remain on good terms – in the Season 3 premiere, Kendall takes over her apartment to use as a war room for her revolution.

Romain Roy


Like his siblings, Roman (Kieran Culkin) oscillates between despising his father and desperately seeking his approval. While still an asshole with a sharp wit, Roman has shown more of a willingness to step up and be taken seriously. There was also a certain vulnerability manifested in her character – we don’t need to remind you of her very strange relationship with Gerri.

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy


Of all of Logan’s children, Shiv (Sarah Snook) may be the only one who inherited her father’s ruthless killer instinct (see: his willingness last season to bully a sexual assault victim so that ‘she does not testify before Congress). Daddy’s little girl might have had – and still might have – a shot at being CEO if she could have controlled her impulsiveness and over-eagerness.

Tom wambsgans


Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), born in Minnesota, is perpetually seeking to be accepted into the Roy family. He even joked once that he should take Shiv’s last name. And as the former head of the Parks and Cruise division, and possibly in legal jeopardy for his role in covering up the #MeToo scandal, Tom’s problems have grown exponentially.

Ewan Roy


“The prairie fucking conscience,” as Logan refers to his estranged older brother. The two are polar opposites: Ewan (James Cromwell) is a liberal, lives on a ranch in Canada, and hates everything Waystar stands for. Yet he sits on its board of directors and has some loyalty to those close to him: in season 1, he refused to vote in favor of ousting Logan from the seat of president. Additionally, his grandson Greg works for the company, though Ewan has threatened to deny him his $ 250 million inheritance if he doesn’t resign.

Greg Hirsch


After being fired from one of Waystar’s amusement parks, Greg (Nicholas Braun) goes to Logan’s penthouse on Fifth Avenue to beg for a job. He becomes Tom’s often abused right-hand man. Although he is clumsy and clumsy, Cousin Greg is not as dumb as he looks: he had the good sense to keep a few pages of the offending documents (which Tom had ordered to be cremated) than Kendall will later use to turn against her father. .

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