Wedding of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn | True story behind the Channel 5 drama


In Channel 5 psychological thriller Anne Boleyn, the series portrays a queen desperate to keep the favor and affection of her husband Henry VIII.

In the trio, Anne Boleyn (played by Jodie Turner-Smith in the cast of Anne Boleyn) will do everything possible to ensure her future and the safety of her only child, Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth I).

Although we didn’t meet the couple until five months before Anne died by beheading in 1536, the viewer sees flashes of the passionate relationship between Anne and Henry VIII (played by Mark Stanley) before her downfall.

But what was their marriage like in real life, and what is the real story behind their relationship?

When did Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn get married?

Anne Boleyn accepted Henry VIII’s marriage proposal in the summer of 1527, after refusing to become his mistress.

Henry hoped to annul his marriage to his first wife Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne, and a papal dispensation (which was never granted) was requested in August 1527.

However, the marriage between Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII did not take place until January 1533 (possibly the 25th), when Anne was already more than a month pregnant. She was officially recognized as queen later that year, on Holy Saturday, April 12, 1533.

The couple were convinced their child would be a boy, but in September 1533, the daughter of Anne Elizabeth (the future Queen Elizabeth I) was born.

After the conquest, Anne was only the second daughter of an English aristocrat to be named queen.

What was the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn really like?

Anne Boleyn had a great influence on Henry VIII. Even before his marriage to Henry, Cardinal Wolsey called him “Crowe night ”, describing Anne’s access to the king’s ear when the couple were in private.

It was Anne who introduced Henry to the text ‘Obedience of a Christian man, ‘ in which William Tyndale suggests that the authority of a king takes precedence over the church. Henry would later separate from Rome and the Catholic Church, and take control of the Church of England, in order to marry Anne.

It is also clear from the nature and number of Henry’s letters during their courtship that he was deeply drawn to her. Historians note that although Henry did not like to write letters, in two years Henry wrote him at least 17 letters.

In the Anne Boleyn television series, Anne is reinvented as dominant in the marital bedroom.

” I think they [Anne and Henry] had a deep sexual desire for each other, ”said exclusively Mark Stanley (who plays Henry VIII) “And I think it was probably made more important by the fact that, you know – she was such an awesome person. And someone who could really dominate at times, which I think for him was a bit rare. Yeah, so we took the path to make her really, really powerful in these [sexual] situations. “

Anne Boleyn (Channel 5)
Channel 5

In real life, things started to take a turn for the worse for the couple after Anne’s first miscarriage in August 1534.

Henry was under pressure to produce a male heir, and Anne would not conceive for the third time until the fall of 1535. She had a second miscarriage at the end of January 1536. (There is no evidence of the popular belief that the premature infant was deformed or freakish.)

It was the same month that Catherine of Aragon died (January 8, 1536). A month later, in February 1536, Jane Seymour (one of Anne’s ladies-in-waiting) refused a gift of money from Henry, which in turn sparked her interest in Jane. She would become Henry’s third wife, marrying him 11 days after Anne’s execution.

However, it can be argued that the real cause of Anne’s downfall was when Anne’s former ally, Thomas Cromwell, the king’s chief minister, turned on her, in part because of their points of opposing views on the dissolution of monasteries.

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