Wedding planners see increase as pandemic ends


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, many people are looking to get married, and the marriage industry is thankful for the boom in business.

Sarah Burton is a wedding concierge at Simply Love Studio on Richmond Road. She helps couples find vendors and make final arrangements for their special day. She says she has two to three times as many clients as normal, with couples postponing their weddings until this year and others getting engaged.

“Now that things are opening up again, they’re ready to start planning,” Burton said. “They want a shorter engagement and they are ready to be married in two or three months now.”

But COVID-19 has left an impact. With rising food prices and slower shipping times, she says couples may notice a slight increase in prices. Before the pandemic, the average cost of a wedding in Lexington was between $ 18,000 and $ 25,000.

“For example, for food, it might be an increase per person. Flowers are getting harder and harder to find and find, so a lot of them have to be airlifted from different areas, ”said Burton.

If you’re looking to get married, Burton says you might want to wait until next year, as sites and vendors are pretty much booked the rest of the year.

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