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Who says wedding invitations and save dates have to be printed? Going paperless is a great way to save money, and digital wedding invitations can look just as good as their physical counterparts. With the right approach and attention to detail, you can create all the panache of a traditional invitation at a significantly lower cost.

We consulted an expert to find out fair how many email invitations can save you. “Invitations, whether online or in print, are the first part of your wedding that your guests will interact with and they absolutely set the tone for your wedding and what your guests can expect,” says the wedding. planner Julia Pavlovski.

Meet the expert

Julia Pavlovski is a Seattle-based wedding planner.

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Why send paperless wedding invitations

1. Lower cost

The average cost of physical wedding invitations is $ 5,000 to $ 8,000. The average cost of digital wedding invitations, on the other hand, won’t cost more than $ 100. Obviously, this can make a big difference for brides on a budget or for brides who prefer to invest their money elsewhere (like, say, an open bar).

2. Less hassle

If you go digital, you will save a lot of time. Just think: no envelopes to lick, no sticky rhinestones, no writing addresses in your best cursive until your hand cramps … preparing the wedding invitations to send by the post can be extremely time consuming, and when you already have a mile-long wedding checklist, anything you can do to save time is amazing.

3. RSVPs are easy to use

With an online invitation service, RSVP-ing has never been easier, both for the bride and for the guests. Rather than having everyone fill out an RSVP card and mail it back, your guests will be directed to your wedding website where they can immediately check off yes or no.

4. Your creations will flow

With online invitations, it’s incredibly easy to make your save dates, invitations, wedding website, and even thank you cards all part of the same design suite.

Incorporate your wedding colors and the overall feel of your wedding into the details of your invitation, just as you would with a traditional invitation.

5. No tree will be damaged

Eco-conscious brides can take comfort in knowing that their wedding invitations are paperless.

How to send paperless wedding invitations

If you are convinced that email wedding invitations are the way to go, there are a few sites you should know about. The following online services are affordable, intuitive, and offer tons of great templates.


Whether you upload your own custom design or customize one of Greenvelope’s designer suites, the entire process is seamless from start to finish. You will find all types of design, from modern and chic to rustic and vintage. Whatever you choose, you can change the background, text, colors, and of course, the text. You can even personalize the digital envelope that comes with it by adding a virtual envelope liner in anything from glitter to gold. Pricing starts at $ 19 (for up to 20 people) and includes RSVP tracking.

To avoid

At one point or another, we’ve all received an Evite for a house party, bar mitzvah, or bridal shower, but did you know that Evite also handles weddings? Just import your contacts and voila. Once sent, you will be notified as soon as guests RSVP or comment. On top of that, you can schedule reminders of events in the days leading up to your nuptials. You can also select an option that will ask your guests to email you the photos they take of your big day.

With Evite Premium, you will be able to further personalize your invitation by adding photos and embellishments or uploading your own personalized designs with the “Create your own” option. Bonus: the invitation will also be sent in a digital envelope without advertising. Premium invitations start at $ 14.99 for 15 invitations. (You can also set up standard email invitations that don’t include the ability to RSVP and serve ads.)

Paperless post

Paperless Post prides itself on being a “pretty and practical” solution for brides. With designs from Kate Spade New York, Rifle Paper Co., Oscar de la Renta, and Mr. Boddington’s Studio, you’re sure to fall in love with one of their gorgeous invitation templates. Nothing makes you want? Bring your vision to life by uploading your own design and going from there. Paperless Post will track delivery, collect RSVPs, and message guests so you don’t have to. The price of their wedding invitations varies, but they start at around $ 24 on average for 30 invitations.

Riley and Gray

While Riley & Gray specializes in creating unique luxury wedding websites, they also offer wedding invitations (online or physical) that are part of the same design suite as your wedding website. They release a new collection of models with each season and have a large catalog of past work. You can also work with them to create a bespoke design from scratch. Prices start at $ 35 per month for site hosting, which will include a digital invitation design, and go up to $ 240 for a full year of hosting.

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