Why BiP’s Raven Gates Adam Gottschalk ruled out a televised wedding


Raven Gates and Adam gottschalk didn’t get engaged after meeting on the beach in Mexico – a move they say helped them become one of the few Baccalaureate in paradise achievements.

“There was no pressure for us to stay together. I think a lot of people, honestly, on Bachelor Nation kind of forgot about us, ”the 29-year-old owner of Gray Suede said exclusively. Us weekly in a joint interview with Gottschalk, 31. “We weren’t introduced as, like, the ‘it couple’, which was really good for us because there was no pressure. Not everyone was checking to see if we were still engaged or if we were planning a wedding or something like that.

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk.

Courtesy of Raven Gates / Instagram

Gates and Gottschalk, who tied the knot in April, met in season 4 of Baccalaureate in paradise in 2017, which was shortened amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

“Especially since in our season, we had the shutdown, we had even less time together,” she continued. “But I will say, on the other hand, if we had gotten engaged on the show, I think we would still have made it. I’m not sure if it would have made a difference at the end of our end goal.

Gottschalk agreed. “It would all have ended, I think, the same way. I think the pressure that emerges makes a big, big difference, ”he said. “Depending on what season you’re in, I mean, [our season of Paradise] was only, like, practically 11 days. And even now it’s, like, less than a month.

He added, “The franchise gives you the stage for you to fall in love and then it’s up to you to carry on after the lights and the cameras are off. And so, I think that gives you a better opportunity to do that. [if you don’t get engaged]. And I mean, here we are. So I think everything went perfectly. It worked for us!

After being forced to reschedule their nuptials three times amid the coronavirus pandemic, Gates and Gottschalk, who attribute everything to wedding planner Whitney Bailey, exchanged vows in front of close family and friends at The Olana in the outside of Dallas.

“We had such a wonderful time. And it was so perfect that I think if it had been bigger as we originally planned, we probably would have been more caught up in the details and not necessarily in the moment, ”said Gates, who rocked three wedding dresses. We. “And then with everything, by reducing the number of guests, we saved a lot more money and we spent more time with more people.… I think it was just meant to be like that.

When asked if he was planning to marry on Single spin-off, Gates cited the duo present Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s weddings on screen as guests during BEEP as the reason they didn’t consider it.

“After attending the wedding, it was just something we absolutely weren’t going to do. It has nothing to do with Chris or Krystal. I really, really love them both and wish you had. know, they would have worked, “Gates explained of the exes.” It just wasn’t something we thought was what we wanted to do. … There’s a lot going on and, you know, it’s still a show; you still have to perform. And I don’t know if we would have had our own creative direction if we had had a Baccalaureate in paradise wedding. Also, I don’t want to share my day with other people who have dates. I do not know!”

Instead, the couple had a Christian and Jewish ceremony with traditional and personal vows.

“Everyone told us how beautiful it was to be able to share our faith. And we just had such a beautiful ceremony, ”said Gates We.

For more on Gates and Gottschalk, listen Us weekly ‘s Podcast “Here for the Right Reasons”.

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